Preparing for competitive exams is none less than preparing for a battle, where you have to learn and practice new tactics to perform well in the battleground. Keep these 5 important things in mind for a fruitful success.

Preparing for competitive exams is none less than preparing for a battle, where you have to learn and practice new tactics to perform well in the battleground. NEET is a national-level examination conducted by NTA. Aspirants preparing for NEET, National Eligibility Entrance Test 2022 must focus on their weak areas and practice as much as to meet their set of goals.

Here are some key aspects and points below for students preparing for the NEET 2022 exam:

1. Cut-Off:

The NEET cut-off is usually increased day by day, so, candidates should mentally prepare themselves accordingly. Students must think of securing more than 610 marks to get a government medical seat.

First of all, aspirants should go through the conditions and guidelines for the upcoming exam and also know everything about the whole test format that will help them while studying.

2. NCERT Books:

NEET aspirants must go strongly through all NCERT books and other supplements and study materials. Thoroughly read the best-recommended books by teachers and toppers. To cover the whole syllabus, candidates should not only lean on sample papers and previous papers as these can only help them in acquiring a rough idea and strategy to solve questions.

NCERT books are the best possible material that will help students in clearing minor to major concepts.

3. Prepare Notes:

Notes are the best way to keep the crucial critical topics aside for last-minute preparation. Notes are more portable than books and helpful in reminding topics from time to time. Try to add examples of the topics in notes when they do need, for better understanding. Notes improvise the memory and guide students throughout the revision period in the last days of preparation.

4. Time Division:

Time management is the skill students must learn. It favors aspirants while preparing for exams and acts as a bonus point. Students can split the time as per subject, according to their hold on the subject and syllabus. It helps in completing the syllabus on time and prevents students from confusion. Bifurcating the syllabus of all three subjects enables enough time to revise each one accordingly. Students should also practice writing sample papers more quickly just to optimize extra time for rechecking for exams.

5. Fix Target:

To accomplish the goals, students should always be one step ahead of their targeted goals. Students can set some measurable and time-bound goals for expected dates and days. Having a fixed target motivates you as well as helps in achieving it.

These targets can be finishing a particular topic or subject in 3 days or can be completing the sample paper 20 minutes before the given time. These targets fill positivity in students and challenge them to do more than they are targeting. Make an action plan and stick with it till the end to do better and much better than expected.

There is no golden rule for scoring high in the exams. It just needs a little more hard work than your potential, and boom more, the result is in front of you. Give yourself a break and ask what you want and how much you are working on it? Start practicing things and focus on nothing other than preparation.


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